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In-person Nutrition Consults are available at:

Victoria Community Acupuncture + Spa

250.590.4341 |
1016 Fort St., Victoria, BC

Nutrition Consultations

90 min Initial Consult
In this first session, I will take a thorough health history, learn your goals, and assess how I can best support you. You will leave the session with a few immediate actionable steps to work on, and I will follow up with a more detailed plan uniquely tailored to your needs. This may include dietary advice, recipes, meal plans, suggestions for sleep, exercise, self-care, or supplementation, general referrals and resources. Follow ups will be discussed based on your case.

60 min Follow Up
Subsequent consults may be required depending on your case. I suggest that your first follow up be 60 minutes to ensure everything you need is able to be covered. A 60 minute follow up is perfect for making adjustments to your current plan, discussing a new issue, or for more in-depth support.

30 min Follow Up
Subsequent consults may be required depending on your case. 30 minute follow ups are perfect for a quick refresher, checking in on your current plan, or for ongoing accountability and support.

20 min Discovery Session
Not sure if this is right for you? Book in for a Free Discovery Session to see if we’re a good fit! Bring your questions about Holistic Nutrition, about me, and about what I might be able to support you with.

Accepted Forms of Payment:
E-transfer, Cash, VISA or Mastercard
(Direct billing unavailable)

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