Nutrition + Wellness Services

Ready to make a commitment to your health? I’m ready to support you in your endeavours!

Book single 1:1 holistic nutrition consults, or choose from three wellness packages:

– the “Wellness Curious” for folks just getting started
– the “Dig Deep” for any health concerns that require deeper exploration
– the “Autoimmune Journey” to guide you onto a sustainable healing path and help you thrive with autoimmune disease

Not sure if we’re a good fit? Book in for a free Discovery Call to learn more about me and how I might help you reach your goals.

Consults are currently available via video call or phone only.
To book, email Emily at, or use the “Book Here” buttons.

1:1 Holistic Nutrition Consults

Initial Consult
$140 — 1.5 hrs
New clients only.
In this first session, I will take a thorough health history, learn your goals, and assess how I can best support you. You will leave the session with a few immediate actionable steps to work on, and I will follow up with a more detailed plan uniquely tailored to your needs. This may include dietary advice, recipes, meal plans, suggestions for sleep, exercise, self-care, or supplementation, general referrals and resources.

Follow Up Consult
$80 — 45 mins
Returning clients only.
Please note most conditions will require a few sessions to find the right path for you, and/or to see sustained improvement. Follow ups are great for making adjustments to your current plan, discussing new symptoms or issues, or for ongoing support and accountability.

Discovery Session
Free! — 15 mins
Not sure if this is right for you? Book in for a free Discovery Session to see if we’re a good fit! Bring your questions about Holistic Nutrition, about me, and about what I might be able to support you with. *Please note this is a quick “get to know me” session – we will not be able to discuss specific health concerns in detail.*

*Sliding Scale Available for 1:1 Consults!*
Limited spaces. Contact me for further details.

Payment Options — E-transfer, Visa or Mastercard.
*Holistic Nutrition is covered by many Canadian insurance companies (select plans) – check with your provider to see if you qualify.*

Wellness Packages

Bundle your consults to improve outcomes (and save $)! Staying on track with your health and wellness goals is so much easier with pre-booked sessions — just choose the package with the focus you need! Can’t commit to a full package? Try some 1:1 consults at a pace that works for you. Packages may be extended by either purchasing another package, or booking 1:1 consults as needed.

Nutrition + Wellness Services, Wellness curious package, girl with grocery basket
The “Wellness Curious” Package

$280 – 3 sessions / 3-6 weeks

Dabble your toes! Basic nutrition and lifestyle tips for the “wellness curious”. For folks who want a small starter package to begin their health journey.

Includes a 1.5hr initial consult, followed weekly by two 45min follow ups, each focusing on just one or two items. Simple resources and recipes included based on your goals (sleep hygiene, bloating quick-fixes, etc).

Nutrition + Wellness Services, Dig Deep package, lavender and bee
The “Dig Deep” Package

$525 – 6 sessions / 3-4 months

For folks ready to make a solid commitment to their health and wellness. These sessions will dig deep into your health concerns to figure out your unique needs. With lots of time to implement nutrition and lifestyle changes, we will work together to ensure a sustainable plan moving forward.

Includes a 1.5hr initial intake, and five biweekly 45min follow ups over three months. You will receive an individualized 1-week meal plan template, resources, and email check-ins between sessions.

Nutrition + Wellness Services, Autoimmune package, broth and veggies
The “Autoimmune Journey” Package

$575 – 6 sessions / 3-4 months

For folks diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder, ready to pursue a deeper therapeutic protocol individualized to your unique needs. We will discuss whether the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) or another therapeutic nutrition protocol is right for you. As an AIP Certified Coach, I am dedicated to guiding you through all aspects of living with autoimmunity – nutrition, lifestyle, mindest, emotional health, building a healthcare team, etc.

Includes a 1.5hr initial intake, and five biweekly 45min follow ups over 3 months. You will receive an individualized 2-week therapeutic meal plan or template, autoimmune-specific recipes and resources, and email check-ins between sessions.

Packages can be booked by emailing
Payment is required at time of booking. If you require an installment plan, I am happy to discuss this with you!