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Are You an “Active” or “Passive” Patient?

Are you an “active” patient or a “passive” one? Are you bouncing from one trend to the next challenge? Do you do your own research into your health and wellness? Have you enlisted help from trusted practitioners? Read on to find out why it matters and how it might affect your progress and healing!

Are you an active or passive patient? Emily holding up posy of parsley.

Are You an Active or Passive Patient?

Ideally, we should all be “active” patients. Being an active patient simply means we are taking charge of our own health or healing, and are taking responsibility for “doing the work”.

A “passive” patient generally looks for a magic bullet, and if something doesn’t work right away, or with minimal effort, they give up.

Being passive in your healing journey ISN’T WRONG! Everyone has had passive times for various reasons – too ill to do the work, to overwhelmed with information, too busy taking care of everyone else, etc. Totally valid!

The problem is that, until you become active in your healing, it’s likely that very little will “stick”, leading to frustration, grief and pain.

Are you an active or passive patient? Woman cooking meal on stovetop.

Becoming an Active Patient

What are some ways you can become an active patient to improve health outcomes?

~ Remember that you are UNIQUE! This means your journey will be unique too – there really is no “one size fits all”.

~ Ask the tough questions of your practitioners as well as of yourself. You’ll be surprised how intuitive you really are.

~ Gather a well-rounded health team! We all have different specialities and perspectives.

~ If something isn’t working right away, don’t give up! Most health changes can take anywhere from 1-6 months to shift significantly! Ask your practitioners for realistic timelines to see results. Keep trying, or try something else once you know for sure it isn’t for you.

~ It’s okay if you aren’t ready to work on stuff right now. Really! When you are ready, you will know, and things will start falling into place.

~ Set backs are NORMAL. And they will keep coming, so try your best to make peace with that (so hard, trust me, I know!).

~ Most importantly, know that you are not alone. There are so many helpers and healers in the world – and one of them is you!

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