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Paleo Principles Review + Recipes!

Dr. Sarah Ballantyne (of The Paleo Mom, and the mother of the Autoimmune Protocol) covers so much information in The Paleo Approach, The Paleo Approach Cookbook, on her blog and more, that it might be hard to believe she could possibly come out with another book full of new info. Well folks, she’s done it! In Paleo Principles, Sarah has created THE most comprehensive guide to the Paleo Diet ever published! Not sure if this book is for you? Read on for my Paleo Principles Review.

Paleo Principles Review

Paleo Principles Review

What is it?
This tome is basically the missing woolly mammoth of the Paleo lifestyle – it is enormous! At 672 pages, it covers the latest science and research on topics like:

  • Nutrient density – this (not hunting mammoths) is the true basis for the entire Paleo movement!
  • Diverse omnivorism and human evolution – It’s really not all about the meat!
  • Biological systems and keeping them healthy
  • “Why’s” for included and excluded foods
  • Middle ground – answers for the grey areas
  • Lifestyle – exercise, stress, sleep, nature, and more!

You will never again be stumped by questions like: “doesn’t red meat give you cancer?” and “where will I get fibre and B vitamins if I’m not eating grains?”

If you have seen Sarah’s other books, then you know her skill at making science and biology approachable and easier to understand. Paleo Principles is no different, and there are a ton of helpful info-graphics to keep even kids engaged. It’s definitely a textbook – if only all textbooks were so fun and easy to read!

Do I have to be Paleo to enjoy this book?
Nope. This book provides detailed info on a huge variety of food groups and health topics. You will learn lots of new things no matter how you currently eat!

Is your interest piqued yet? I hope so! Support Sarah and her incredible achievement by getting your copy of Paleo Principles here! (This is not an affiliate link – all proceeds go direct to The Paleo Mom!)

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